I’m Jens and I’m probably one of the oddest pieces of the pussle so far

If you ask me then I’m just a weird-ass, 420 friendly oneman show who doesn’t fit in anywhere.
I’ve been tattooing for more than 10 years now and I love doing weird fucked up stuff and mess around with provocative designs.

Most people say that my art is weird and offensive and some of it shouldn’t be permanently tattooed into someones skin…
I strongly disagree and if you give my stuff a minute or two you will see that there
is more to it in my art.
I put a lot of fucking thought into my dickdesigns and the poop I create…
Can’t do that shit sloppy… Oh no! This ain’t no bj where sloppy is appreciated…

Tattoo by Jens Waldmann

There Will Always be a more skillful artist out there but I dare u to find a weirder one.
Unleash me and I will show u the weirdest fucking shit u have ever seen.
Until then you’re all welcome to enjoy these delicate and tasteful pieces.
Take your time… Don’t rush it buddy! This ain’t sex u know!

/Jens Waldmann

Weird stuff by Jens Waldmann