Modern tattoo artists and enthusiasts today is looking back to its root; the traditional tattoo art of indigenous tribes. For centuries, many indigenous tribes decorated their body with sacred tattoos as part of their devotion and as symbol of their bravery and strength. One of the most exotic traditional tattoo arts is Igorot Headhunter Tattoo art of the Philippines indigenous tribe.

Igorot people of the mountainous area of Choco River basin, Bontoc. Igorot people were known for headhunting, one thing that makes this tribe is among the most exotic in the islands. While Igorot tribe has different tattoo patterns each symbolizing ranks and rites, one tattoo pattern is so famous as its celebrated headhunting raid. The tattoos symbolize number of heads the person had successfully taken.

After the American colonialism of the Philippines, headhunting practice is outlawed. Today, headhunting is practically non existence thus tattoo style symbolized headhunting success is vanishing. Even among younger generation of Igorot people, getting their body tattooed is no longer a preference. Luckily, several young Igorot people are called to preserve and revive their traditional tattoo tradition. New contemporary designs based on traditional tattoo style are created both with modern tattooing method or even with the traditional tapping tattooing methods.