The Human Billboard; Søren Korsholm Møller:

The Human Billboard, as we lovingly call him, Søren Korsholm Møller. Unlike the Pornman from a previous article, Søren is not doing this for money. However, what he has in common with him, is that he has brand names tattooed on his body. However, there is a much more noble, so to speak, reason for why Søren is doing it.

To the 48 year old Søren, the brands he has tattooed on his body, are all pieces of nostalgia. They are names that symbolizes the time of his youth and when he grew up. Brands that inspire him to work hard and aim high. All in all, the brands mean a lot to him, way more than their products and names do.

Søren does have many other tattoos than the ones to do with brands, most of his body is covered in tattoos. But it is his brand tattoos that get him the most attention. People wanting to know what the story is behind them, or why he would get a specific brand tattooed. The engineer loves his tattoos and want more done, he likes not fitting into the normal look of an engineer or business man.

Final Comments:

With his massive collection of tattoos, having spent heaps of money, he is sure to not fit that bill. He is definitely his own brand of engineer and with his brands as his symbols of strength, he is sure to make himself noticed in the best way possible. One thing is for certain, Søren loves his tattoos and he won’t regret them ever.

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