Here are close up photos of my eyes taken by an Eye Specialist Doctor.

I originally tattooed my eyes in 2010. The right side green. The left side blue. In 2013,
Yes, I tattooed my own eyes. In my bathroom. By mirror! This was 2010. Only 20 people on Earth with eye tattoos. I had done my tongue and throat by hypodermic 9 months before. I only had the eyes left. My body had no other space left.
The technique is simple
The risk of problems is very high. I had to use tape my eye open. Did it by mirror and by touch.
First I experimented with several colors in little spots. I put little flakes of “glitter” in the eyes and tattooed blue in one eye, and green in the other eye. Included are fresh photos of these tattoos. One eye green. One was blue. I love it when eyes do not match in people. Eyes that are not the same color really grabs the attention of people.
The results were mixed
A few spots I could not reach to tattoo. It was uneven. Not smooth colored. Do not tattoo your own eyes! i gave myself an “8-Ball Black eye”    during the last session. Injected a little too deep and popped blood vessels in the right eye. It hurt for a solid week. Worst headache I ever had. Stayed in bed for 2 days with ice on my eye not moving around. It healed. I still was not satisfied. It was not complete.

I still wanted to finish my eyes
They were not finished. 4 years later, I took the risky decision to have more ink injected into my eyes. I decided to get Magenta on the outside, and gold on the inside.

Right Eye

Left Eye

I had known Emilio Gonzalezover 20 years. He was the only one I trusted. In October, 2013, it was done.
Emilio Gonzalez was the only person I trusted to tattoo my eyes other than myself. We tried to tattoo them before but did not have the time.
Emilio Gonzalez added magenta on the sides and gold in the middle. He did this in Romania at the Bucharest Tattoo Convention

October 2013. It is much easier to have someone else tattoo your eyes! haha. It took 5 minutes. Very hard to keep the eye open for the procedure.

I flew back to the USA 4 hours later
17 hours of flying total. The pressure of being on an airplane made my eyes swell. It took 3 months for the swelling to go down.
Had to use fake tears.  The air bubbles in the tattoo ink mixed colors mixed a bit and turned out like this. NEVER go on an airplane after eyeball tattooing! No scuba diving either. Heal for a week! stay away from air pressure changes!

The Eye Doctor Specialist spent 3 hours examining my eyes recently
There is no permanent damage to my eyes. Emilio Gonzalez did a perfect job tattooing my eyes is what the Eye Doctor Retina Specialist said.  My eyesight is fine. I do not need glasses 4 years later.  The inks mixed in eyes while in the sky on an airplane. If anyone tries to replicate this effect, you probably will lose your eyes. Here are the photos of my 1 of a kind eye tattoos.