Hannah Aitchison

In an industry full of men, Hannah Aitchison has become one of the most prominent names of the global tattoo community by defying all odds, working hard, and creating a name for herself with her unique sense of style and design. As a single mother, she worked two and more jobs, all the while managing an apprenticeship just to get where she is today. Featuring multiple forms of illustrations and blatant influences from the 40’s and pinup girl culture, Hannah’s work is nothing sort of a masterpiece.

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Hannah Aitchison is currently based in Pittsburgh, but started off her career in Chicago, Illinois. Her private studio known as Curiosity Shop is a cult favorite and is frequented by a myriad of individuals on a daily basis. She deals and works with multiple different mediums and travels all over the world for tattoo conventions meetings, and artist collectives. Her specializations include life like portraits, pin-ups poster tattoos and classic Americana. Her tattoos are not only bold and colorful, but are also incredibly detailed and illustrative. She has developed a large fan base by virtue of appearing as a judge for three seasons of Best Ink, as well as her appearance on LA Ink. Adding to her talents as a tattoo artist, she is also an avid painter, knitter, boxer and traveler.

Most designs by Aitchison focus on the traditional features of pinup girls, the coiffed hair, exposed skin and sensuality. Owing to such a large waiting list however, the average person has to wait 2 years for the chance of getting a pin up tattoo or any tattoo by Hannah Aitchison for that matter. Her 18 years as a tattoo artist have seen her create masterpieces that have won her multiple awards and have been critically acclaimed.

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Hannah’s portfolio can be viewed on her website that also features Scott White. However, some fan made portfolios as well as those on Oxygen media also capture some of her best artworks, especially pin-up portraits. Her artwork can be seen to be extremely life like, be it a portrait of a woman, or a cat. Most of her work is also extremely detailed. Though most of her designs feature women in classic pin-up styles, her added ingenuity makes them entirely neo-classic in appearance.

All in all, Hannah Aitchison has been taking the tattoo world by storm for the past 18 years, and is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. Her work has revolutionized and brought back the pin-up culture back into the tattoo world. She has not let any barriers hold her back and has defied all stereotypes and social obstacles to become what she is today. Few can do portraits as realistic as she does them, let alone pin-up portraits. Hannah Aitchison is one of the most acclaimed and followed tattoo artists in the world today, and that too rightly so.