Handmade Machines Made in Russia With love

Petr “Python” Leonov has been travelling conventions in Europe for ages.
Presenting some fine high quality handmade machines.
Most of them coil machines but also rotary´s are in the impressive sortiment.

Handmade machines

Carsten Augustenborg got this interview during the 3 days at Stockholm Inkbash.
Actually C.A and Petr meet each other many years ago in Moscow at a party in the city center.
Both has a long story in the World of Body Art and it was a true pleasure to do this interview.

How many years have you been doing machines build by hand ?

It all began in 1998 in a local tattoo studio in Moscow.

What got you started in the tattooing business ?

I was a that time searching for a job and wanted to be creative. I was at the right time at the right place and in the tattoo studio i got a lot of connections and inspiration. 

You travel a lot and has always been on the road visiting tattoo conventions.
Which one is your favorites ?

Actually i prefer the smaller tattoo convention due to the fact that i love to speak and met with old friends and make new ones.
Helsinki in Finland will be my choice of a favorite show.

You present most coil machines in different style and shapes. Do you have any plans to change into other systems or do you stay loyal to the coil ?

Petr: I will for sure be loyal to the coil. I do a little rotary but i have no interest to start develop new types like some of the big companies does in the business.

Where are you in five years from now ?

I will still be travelling the roads and present the machines.

Petr Python Leonov

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