German Tattoo Artist Randy Engelhard

Randy Engelhard lives in a “Heaven of Colors” and this is the name he gave to his tattoo studio. Randy is a tattoo artist from Stadt Zwichau Germany, and he has been bringing this heaven of colors to earth since August 2001, which is the year when he started tattooing and never stopped. He was able to officially start his shop in 2005, making it a lucky year for tattoo-lovers all around the world. Engelhard has trained many tattoo artists and some of them work with him in his studio. He has conducted many exhibitions and workshops, of which the most recent was his Tattoo Expo in Zwichau which overflew with creativity as artists from all over the world joined in and presented their diverse styles and themes.


Randy’s Private Photo:

So what’s so heaven-like about Randy’s tattoos? You must see it to understand it. You are going to love his work if you are a sucker for realistic art – this is what distinguishes him from your usual tattoo artists. Randy certainly knows how to create new dimensions with his inks as his work is something more than just beautifully composed gothic motifs. In his tattoos, he touches many themes, from horror and fantasy to realistic portraits of babies, historical figures and pop culture characters. My favorite one was a tattoo inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s work; he captured the whole mood and aura of Lovecraft’s themes. No matter what he’s creating, you can always get that gothic aura in Randy’s tattoos like most of the tattoo art trending nowadays – though this by no means limits him in creativity.

Randy plays with light and dark beautifully, which is an important element in the gothic-themed art. His portraits carry a sense of depth and make us wonder about the background story. His work reminded me of some of the works by Frank Duveneck and the German expressionist Kirchner. Although Randy’s tattoos are more into realism, but you can catch the same play of light and dark which is seen in the works of many expressionists of Germany. One of the examples is his tattoo portrait of Count Dracula played by Gary Oldman in the movie based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula. You can amuse yourself by going through countless of his tattoos on his website and by following his facebook profile

Randy’s work is not particularly drawn towards sensuality – his portrait tattoos often carry a sense of mystery. The balance and the accuracy of the portraits he creates is remarkable, no wonder he’s every tattoo-lover’s darling. Thanks to Randy Engelhard, you can wear more than just flat motifs as tattoos. He has also explored fantasy in his tattooing. There are also instances where he has painted beautiful and colorful sky in his art – and the diversity doesn’t just end here. Gothic dolls are also one of his recurrent themes, and who doesn’t love them? Randy Engelhard is a busy, busy man and if you want to work with him, you must get an appointment via his website.