We have all friday winners here.
The field was very impressive and friday really
make our expectations high for the convention in Novi Sad.

The international jury was on spot and had some hard decisions to make.
Andrea from Rome – Italy, Carsten Augustenborg from Copenhagen – Denmark and Belly from Belgrade –┬áSerbia.

The speaker Alex from Slovenia had a great fun introducing the collectors from wide and far.
Even people from Spain, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia & Denmark was on stage.

Best of Friday.
Even – Art By Strandvoll – Denmark

Best of Black and White.
1/ Hose Bandera – Soul Hunter Tattoo – Spain
2/ Robert Stevanovic – Fuck The Pain – Serbia
3/ Enes – Timeless Art – Denmark

Best Avantgarde.
1/ Enes – Timeless Art – Denmark
2/ Tony – Inferno – Serbia
3/ Poppino -Inkspired – Serbia

Best Small Tattoo.
1/ Diamantis – Diama Tattoo – Greece
2/ Wunste – Exer Studio – Serbia
3/ Igor – Strumfovski Tattoo – Macedonia

Best Booth.
Wisdomless Tattoo Club Rome – Italy

Winner gallery

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All pictures in this gallery is taken by: BODY ART