Five Celebrities Known for Their Tattoo Art

Tattoo art has been known by humankind since centuries ago. In this modern day, many people are choosing tattoo to express their personality and sense of style. Even there are celebrities who not afraid to put ink on their body. Let’s learn more about Celeb Ink and what the meaning behind it.

Angelina Jolie

When it comes of tattoo body art, no other celebrities embrace it like Angelina Jolie does. Not only she has many tattoos on many parts of her body but she got the tattoo done with traditional hand poke method. Jolie’s tattoos show her spirituality and also showing love to her adopted children.

David Beckham

Former footballer, David Beckham is only one of many athletes with ink. But let’s admit this posh body is easy on the eyes and doubled with his football skill and achievement, he is among the most popular. Beckham’s tattoo celebrates love to his wife and his children.

David Beckham

Justin Bieber

Bieber worked very hard to change his cute pretty teen artist image to become a more adult one and what’s better to change the old image than get his body inked. He has many tattoos but the most famous is the roman numerals tattoo, the one matching with his ex, Selena Gomez.

Miley Cyrus

Another kid celebrity having problem growing up. Miley Cyrus has been trying hard to show her rebellious side and body ink art was just a part of it. Her dreamcatcher tattoo is the most visible one but she also has many small tattoos around her body.

Lady Gaga

You can’t make yourself a mother monster without any tattoo on your body. Lady Gaga knows it well. A part of many tattoos on her body, the boldest one would be how she shaved her head and put a Cherub tattoo on the bald scalp.

Lady Gaga

Which celeb ink is your favorite?