The previous part about fire performers presented those who took over many a stage alone. Thanks to them, the stage can ignite in real life but even more in our imagination. 


This part will show you groups of performers who, although each of them are very different from each other, as a whole group they constitute one body and mind on stage. Each member of the group gives 100% energy and together they give so much that they can power a large city. Fire is everyday life for them, which they share with the viewers in an unusual way. Besides, is there anything better than a beautiful and talented woman with fire in her hand? Only two, three, four, five and more of these women can be better than one, right? But if you want to see a man between them then you will definitely find such a groups in my list also! See for yourself 🙂


Psycho Dolls

Psycho Dolls is a group of girls with extreme interest and adrenaline rush. During combining these qualities and emotions and their diverse character they learned together to create their unique shows.These beautiful Polish girls are Naffti, Kopa, Malina, Yamayka, Gumbi, Domi, Kasia and Shazza. They are transforming their madness in passion and their passion in fantastic show full of femininity and sex appeal.

Do you wonder why they are called “Psycho Dolls”? PSYCHO – Because they are not afraid of new challenges and fire.They like danger and they feed of adrenaline. DOLLS – Because it’s a group of remarkable and totally different girls. Each one is unique, yet each one is strong and has a fire in the heart. Girls performances are a combination of acrobatics and high-end pyrotechnic effects, and the whole is complemented by stimulating imaginative outfits. PSYCHO DOLLS is energy, passion and “way to live”.





Pyrohex is one of the Europe’s hottest fire & aerial entertainment act and has since 2013 performed at some of the biggest music, tattoo and club events around the world. Amplified with fierce attitude, tattoos, and a rock ‘n’ roll spirit – this group consists of well known performers from several areas of the alternative scene. This hot group consists of the amazing Shelly d’Inferno, Dani Divine, Gem Dee, Alenee Aisha and Sununu Hernandez. Their main element is fire, mixed in with a perfect blend of metal, danger, and talent.

You can also catch them flying high in various aerial acts, shooting sparks with power tools, shock you with freak-show tricks or giant pyrotechnics! Pyrohex has an incredible ever-growing fan base and the largest social media following within fire performing groups peaking at 170k (2019) across their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. Surely, their fans were dragged by their amazing stage charisma and being extremely hot!





The Circus of Horrors

The Circus of Horrors is an alternative circus with bizarre & unbelievable acts from an almighty cast & performed to live rock music.

Their are a British contemporary circus created by Doctor Haze and Gerry Cottle. First seen performing at the Glastonbury Festival in 1995. Combining horror, black comedy and rock and roll with circus acts, the circus uses goth and steampunk imagery, and references victorian freak shows and burlesque. They were semi-finalists on Britain’s Got Talent in 2011. The Circus of Horrors contains some nudity and language of an adult nature. It is not suitable for children, people of a nervous disposition, chavs & sissies. And that sounds like the best advertisement!




The Fuel Girls

The Fuel Girls are a world famous multi-skilled performance group based in the UK, specializing in all kinds of fire & pyro performance and aerial shows. A variety of themes, costumes and props for their shows are their specialty. This an amazing group includes: Von, Teta, Naomi, Charlotte, Kat, Yusura, Katie, Shireen, Hayley, Kay, Josie, Kayla and Jasmine. What connects them is that they are all very talented and totally beautiful.

Their large scale arena shows see them perform with huge fire props like swords, whips, crowns of fire, arena-scale rings of fire, dragon canes, fire wands, pyro poi, pyro staff, double staff, spinning fire cube and pyramid and the biggest of them all, Yusura’s giant fire cube, which is hoisted into the air whilst she performs inside it. It is also important that group contains world-class aerial performers, who are at the top of their game in terms of skill, strength, discipline, flexibility and style! Skills include aerial silks, hoop, rope, net, pole and Fuel Girl Katrina’s stunning aerial chains show. Moreover, The Fuel Girls bring a diverse range of skills and talents to the show! 





The Rebel Chicks

The Rebel Chicks are women full of passion and courage. Mysterious and dangerous like fire. Ultra sexy and subtle like flowers who also boldly display their piercing thorns. The Rebel Chicks are a multi-skilled group of performers; professional dancers and artists, specializing in all kinds of fire dance and pyro performances and aerial shows. The emotions and energy of these girls on stage is outstanding; as well as many years of stage experience is a guarantee of great shows.

As they say: “The Rebel Chicks are perfectionists, they approach each venue individually”. They work with a variety of themes, costumes, and props for shows. The Rebel Chicks do large and small shows, including extreme sports events, tattoo exhibitions, motorbikes shows, car events, music, and dance festivals, lifestyle events, corporate events, nightclubs, and private parties. These girls promise that they will bring The Hottest Fire Performance in the universe. Check on your own!




Important: the order of the artists listed is random and does not classify them!

All photos were taken by Kamila Burzymowska.