They are extremely talented, electrifying, charismatic and attractive. Fire performers (because I’m talking about them) kindle every stage to redness and guarantee extreme emotions with each of their amazing performances. Their shows frighten us and at the same time delight us. It’s an amazing mix of what we would like to touch, because it’s so cool with what we would never do on our own, because it’s too dangerous. Such performances always attract a lot of viewers under the stage. Each photographer kills each other for a great place to capture the best frame from such a show. This is not only great emotional but also visual experience. And fire is just part of the show. Each performer offers something more. Therefore, stop for a moment and read this article. 



The first part is intended for those who do not share the stage with anyone else – solo performers. They cannot count on the help of another person from the group and their charisma must separate each part of the stage to reach all viewers. They travel around the world alone to show you what they love the most – shows on stage. You can’t not love them or admire them. They are admirable and delighted. That’s why you want to watch their performances so much. Meet 5 of them!


Nikita Klosewood

Nikita Klosewood is a french fire and aerial performer. She is responsible for productions her own solo shows and shows of her group called Mystical Tribes. This group was created in 2016. 

Mystical Tribes consists of her and new 5 artists: Karena Duro, Julyecorn, Maya Malaika, Aliya and Sochii Oslo. She and her group perform all over the world! All her shows are made with beautiful costumes, big visuals thematics, entire aesthetic universes with specific music & lights. It’s inspirated by the dark, goth, fetish, burlesque showgirls and cinema universe. Shows includes and/or combine, fire/pyro: body burning, fire eating, different fire props (sword, torchs), spitting fire, aerials (aerial hoop, acrobatic chains and aerial rope, pole dance), strip-tease, fetish/BDSM, candle wax, self piercings and snake shows.

She travels all around the world to work into various events like nightclubs: Cirque Le Soir (Dubai & London), VIP Room (Paris-Cannes-Monaco), Fetish Parties: Wasteland (Amsterdam-Berlin), Unleashed (Amsterdam-Stockholm-Switzerland), Nuit Dèmonia (Paris). This list also includes tattoo conventions like Brussels Tattoo Convention, Poznań Tattoo Konwent, Warsaw Tattoo Days, Lódź Tattoo days, Tattoo Expo Opole, Ink Mania, Palermo Tattoo Expo and music festivals like Hellfest Festival and many more! Nikita is also an alternative tattoo model and works in collaboration with brands like Hyraw Clothing, Doc Marteens, Flibustier, Mr Ducktail, Sthorm, Myst Clothing and Martyna Młynarczyk. She has been into music video clips such as the french electro-rock band Freak Injection and have been recently working with Playboy TV Europe as well.


Krystian Minda

Krystian Minda is a world-class international extreme artist. The best Polish fakir, two-time semi-finalist of the Mam Talent program and the first sword-swallower in the history of Poland. Multiple country and world record holder, official representative of Poland at prestigious foreign events. He has performed, for example, in France, Spain, Ireland, the Netherlands, the Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, England, Portugal, Denmark and Sweden. It is also important that he belongs to the International Association of Swallow Swallowers and was nominated for the title “Personality of the Year 2017”.

Thanks to incredible skills, perfect interaction with the audience and incredible energy, the artist has been delighting viewers with his shows for years, offering an emotional and amazing show. His “Freak Shows” are deadly dangerous! Like on the borderline of common sense and the end of human endurance. Krystian Minda regardless of pain, limitations and consequences, exceeds all possible barriers to the endurance of the human body. What’s more, he is also a star in television programs and music videos! At work, he’s a real professional. Privately, he is passionate about motorcycles and a collector of extreme experiences. 



Cecilia Gosilla


Cecilia Gosilla is a professional artist and internationally renowned performer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her specialty is sword swallowing, but she can also provide fire eating + breathing and transfers. She also has skills to do things like: The Human Block Head, Bed of Nails and Eating Razorblades. If you would like to see burlesque is great news, she does it too! She’s definitely beautiful, talented and excitingly crazy woman!

If you ever wondered how is it even possible to swallow a sword she has an interesting story to tell! Ceclia says: “After living my life on the street, eating mostly dove birds, rats and maggots to stay alive my esophagus and stomach got immune for normal reactions. I found out that I could swallow several objects without feeling pain or discomfort. I round away with the circus and made a new life and the rest is history”. What more can I say about her? She’s also a proud solo mother and a excellent musician making a living of chocking, terrifying and entertaining her audience. And this is a beautiful story about how to get out of street rated, to a world turning sword swallower and sideshow artist.




Mike Garcia

Mike Garcia is an internationally dancer and performer from France. He’s based in Paris and performing his shows all around France, Europe and the rest of world. You will quickly be seduced by this artist. He always visits the best places with his performances. Probably he is one of the most essential artists of the international stage. His amazing performances full of technology will seduce you until you lose your breath!

All thanks to a new and original vision to show his performances. Are you interested in what he offers? These are: fire shows with a lot of pyrotechnics in style full of darkness, trash, freakness, fetish, creatures, robots and many more. He performs on dancefloors of the most prestigious festivals, concerts, private parties and clubs around the world. His performances always are with this touch of craziness that make him strength to do an amazing performance on stage and let the audience felling like in a dream. And thanks to this he will transport you in his world where novelty meets originality, and visual emotions. 




Yuka Estrella

Yuka Estrella is an international artist performer with 7 years of experience in fire show, acting and aerial shows. She began her career as a gogo dancer during hip-hop events and now she can boast of performances in countries such as France, UK, China, Usa, Poland, Switzerland, Bali, Singapore, Vietnam, Marroco, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic and Belgium. In creating her shows, she is inspired by Marco Punk, The Villbergs, Mako Ibiza and her dreams and nightmares. Each performance is created only by her and she is responsible for everything like creating costumes, music and choreography.

Her shows are mix between dark, chic, bizarre and erotic. This combination impresses and ignites the senses of viewers. She lives in Paris but travels a lot with her performances. You could see her shows at events such as Hellfest, Philipp Plein Fashion Show, Fashion Week at Milan or even Ludacris birthday! What’s more, she also belongs to Cirque Le Soir and she is there as resident since 3 years. In her shows, she likes the most the part of creation to then express herself during the shows. She loves to perform on all types of scenes – small and large, both indoor and outdoor. Everything to chase her dreams!





Important: the order of the artists listed is random and does not classify them!

All photos were taken by Kamila Burzymowska.