Face Tattoos; More Common Yet Still Daring:

Face tattoos, they are more common than they have been for many years today. To be fair, it hasn’t been since tribal society in most nations around the world, that face tattoos were this common. Of course they are still popular in many indeginous cultures around the world, such as the Inuits, Aborigines (of Australia) and the hunter tribes of borneo.

But even among us metropolitan people in the more developed societies of the world, have found some love for the face tattoo. For many it is mainly some small ink, for others it is just a little on the side of the head and face, for some it is more extreme, covering the entire face. But no matter what, the face tattoo is still seen as something extreme, it is taking a statement, and a lot of stigma and prejudice can face those that choose to ink their faces.

It seems to not be as bad as it used to be, at least not in some countries. The face tattoo isn’t a 100% guaranteed “job-stopper”  anymore. But it does still seem, that most of the individuals that get them, work within or in connection to the tattoo industry/community, or in something else that is creative. But it is worth to keep an open mind towards these people, dear non tattooed readers.

Do People Ever Ask?:

That is the question vice(Denmark) in an article of theirs, figured that people probably don’t ever ask why some individuals get face tattoos. They are sadly content with just keeping to themselves and in some (perhaps most) cases, their prejudice. No one ever stops to ask these individuals why they chose to get face tattoos, nor why they have what they want.

To be fair, if the person in question has “Fuck You” or similar messages tattooed on their face, we get why you wouldn’t ask them. But most people with face tattoos today, don’t have what might be called “aggressive” or “dangerous” motives, tattooed on their faces. Luckily, Vice went and asked some individuals in the great city of New York, about their face tattoos and reasoning behind them.

World famous model, Rick Gernest aka Zombie Boy

Like our resident sociologist (Tattoo Logia) has also pointed out before, most of these people just love the aesthetic behind their face tattoos. Though some of them did get some original and not as well thought out face tattoos covered up, with some better pieces. Most of them still just love the aesthetic of facial tattoos, and wanted some nice ink on their faces.

Final Comment:

Indeed, like with most tattoos it is all about self-expression today. It is also far from every single person with a face tattoo, who is a delinquent, criminal or anti-social. Most of them non of those, they just love the aesthetic and love tattoos to such an extent, that the face is free game. So always keep an open mind, look at what the individual has tattooed and perhaps even talk to them, before you judge.

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