Extreme Performer: Michela Bottin

For you who love tattoo, tattoo arts, and anything related to tattoo.
You are probably already familiar with Michela Bottin.
Michela Bottin is one of the most looked for tattoo artists or tattooists.
She is very famous and popular because of her unique and anti-mainstream works, and style
which are inspired by Japanese cartoons and American cartoons.
Her colorful and unique tattoos make people smile.
And that is most likely the reason why Michela Bottin was invited to participate in such a kind organization named Hope vs Cancer.
This nice organization creates a temporary tattoo for children who are suffering
from cancer. It also helps research fund as well.

Michela Bottin tattooing and scarification does not only draw sticker tattoos
but she also draws designs for t-shirts.
She actually moved from Italy to the United States of America.
Now, this popular tattooist works at Soho Ink in New York City.
She mentions that she is never feeling homesick because she has been traveling.
So, she really gets used to being far away from her home.
She also mentions that she does not find any difficulty moving from Italy to
New York City because her new friends make everything so easy for her.
The thing she likes the most about New York is freedom, she said.
Michela Bottin says that she feels free to be what she wants to be more free in New York than in Europe.

Michela Bottin is an open-minded person.
Even though she works at Soho Inc right now, she says she would still go to international conventions if she asked to do so.
It is because she always has a good time there. The reason why her tattoos are
inspired by cartoons and Japanese anime is that Michela Bottin loves to watch
cartoons and anime as well as reading manga.
She also likes to attend Comicon. This famous female tattooist prefers cartoons and anime to movies.
And she is really happy that she can combine 2 things that she likes the most: tattoos and anime.

Michela Bottin proves that a tattoo artist can also make positive changes by
participating in Hope vs Cancer, as it is said before.
She is really happy that she can bring colors and something cute for children
who experience a bad situation.
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