Even Strandvoll Sand
K-Town Tattoo – Kristiansand – Norway

Tattooing since 2009.
Prefer to do: Dark – Black and Grey stuff and realism, Love doing ekstra small realistic stuff.

My career startet back in Denmark in 2009, when i was 18 years old.

In a small 20 squaremeter apartment where i got my very first machine.
It was from there it took over, i was tattooing the first few years out of a shop in Vejle, but i soon realized that i couldnt stay there, i needed to go explore the World.

I travelled for a few years, and it got me to almost 20 different countries, meeting lot´s of different kind of artist i really could grow and learn from.
I started doing conventions in 2013 and have today up to 30 awards from different conventions and categories around the World.

After i was traveling full time i needed a home base to come home to , so i choosed to move back to my roots and opened up my first studio. It was in May 2016, and of course in the city where i was born, in Norway.

Peace from Even.

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Even won a price

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