Eleine; Symphonic metal that tickles your fangs!

Now I am in no way, an expert when it comes to music. So this review is made purely from my experience of the band in question and how their music made me feel!

Eleine is a symphonic metal band from Sweden, whom played at this year’s 50 Shades of Ink Tattoo Expo in Helsingborg Sweden, which is where I was so fortunate to see them and interview them after their show.

First I would like to describe the experience I had when watching Eleine perform and hearing their music for the first (but definitely not the last time) and I would like to repeat, I am not a music expert so I won’t get very technical. I focus on my experience, and what they made me think and feel.

The Show/experience:

The band comes onto the stage, looking like immortal vampires that have been dragged directly out of some of my favorite books and movies such as ‘the interview with the vampire’. Looking like they are not of this world and have seen fit to grace us, mere mortals, with their presence… and soon after they have taken the stage, giving of a vibe I can only describe as vampiric, mystical and strangely alluring and seductive. They begin to play their music and a powerful almost enchanting female voice sounds over the crowd, sending chills (of excitement) down your spine and casting a vampiric spell of seduction over the crowd; who  can’t help but walk towards the enchanting sound. Only to then find out that not only is the music beautiful and mesmerizing, but it also rocks and shakes them to their core.
From the heavy guitar riffs and drums, to the soft voice of the female (Madeleine) lead and the booming voice of the male vocals, the whole band mixes the elegant with the heavy (metal), in such a beautiful way.

They add something fantastic to the genre of symphonic metal. They make me want to immediately go home and watch vampire movies (not twilight!), when I hear their music.
Even their costumes embrace their vampiric/Transylvanian gothic theme. From their clothing to the way the female lead performs on stage, it is all beautiful and as I have said several times… very seductive!
In my experience, it is one of the best and most compelling metal performances I have seen in years. I even had the pleasure of interviewing Rikard who fornts together with Madeleine, and plays lead guitar and growls for the band, after their performance.

The Aftershow Interview:

In the interview it became clear, that Eleine seeks to bring showmanship back into symphonic metal, I believe they succeed. Interestingly, which I laughed with Rikard about, the band has noticed similarities between them and some versions of vampires. However, it was never where their inspiration for their theme actually came from. It was more heavily inspired by the Romanian culture in the middle ages and 1800’s. Despite this, they did see similarities in the likes of Bram Stoker and Anne Rice’s takes on vampires.

50 Shades of Ink Helsingborg 2017, was their first time playing at a tattoo convention. But as Rikard assured me, it was definitely not their last. Both pointing to the fact that the band is themselves into tattoos and have a lot of them. But also that they loved the energy of the crowd and the atmosphere at the convention.
They definitely would like to come back to play at the convention in 2018.
Which is good news for Mediazink’s fans who like a good show with some awesome metal.
You will be able to catch Eleine around at more conventions in the future, I at least hope.

I would like to finish off with how the band describes their motivation; “Really into doing a cool show and utilizing both music skills and there theme to do so, keep the crowd energized and entertained”. Trust me people they stand by those words. I think anyone who likes metal and a cool vampire story, should check out Eleine!

Gallery from their performance at 50 Shades of Ink Sweden, 2017:

Full band lineup, from Eleine.com

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Stay awesome people!