Edo Bunshinkai From Japan

Im happy to bring these news and story from Japan.
Beside our stand at the Milano Tattoo Convention i was introduced to Keisuke.
A tattoo collector and a member of the famous tattoo family – Edo Bunshinkai.
The family was founded more than 40 years ago in Tokyo by Horitoku the 1st.
Actually the first shop was located in Shinjuku Tokyo.

Keisuke has been tattooed for more than 240 hours to complete his full
body suit. With a price of almost 200 Usd you can do the math.
Yes Keisuke has a fortune integrated on his body and he is proud of it.

Edo Bunshinkai

The tattoo family travel for conventions a couple of times during the year.
They consider to visit America next year and Golden State in California
would be a good guess.

The courtcase in Japan is now in it´s third phase.
After a win to the government in the first stage court, the tattoo industry
won the next appeal and now we all awaits the high courts decission.
Mediazink has been writing about this case before and we follow it deeply.
We hope a judgement in favour to the tattoo artists so we can continue to view
fantastic art made in Japan.