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World of Body Art as we love to say – IT´s ALL ABOUT INK !

We offer more specific knowledge about WOBA (World of BodyArt)
Artist features, Conventions, Performers, Hard Rock/Metal Music with INK and more.

Every start of a new year we announce a model to be featured on our Convention tour
around the World.

2021 Poster girl Shonda Mackey from USA.

2020 Poster girl Tess Carmina from Belgium.

Tess Carmina

2019 Poster girl Wild Cat from Germany.

2018 Poster girl was Marcelina from Poland.

2017 Poster girl was Sara Melanie from Sweden.


2016 Poster girl was Marcia Bernadette from USA.

Marcia Bernadette

2015 Poster girl was Ellegy Ellen from Sweden.

Poster girl 2015