The DyeMotion dance theater consists of dancers and acrobats with different experience and skills. Thanks to their musical sensitivity, they create a theater of magic and fairy tales in which movement, dance, music and light constitute the content of the dance compositions.

The DyeMotion dance theater was established in autumn 2011. Artists working together learn from each other and give themselves the opportunity to use their own ideas. Their debut was “Kokon”, which was followed by “Magia Książki”, “Fluo” and “Materia”. The great advantage of DyeMotion artists is the use of makeup and bodypainting.

Viewers can see the world of fairy tales, a riot of colors and, above all, the beautiful atmosphere of the “fluo” shows. They awaken the imagination and senses thanks to the performances of extraordinary artistic value. Movement, human body and luminescent paints are undoubtedly a recipe for a beautiful spectacle!

Due to the fact that each story is told by motion, music and light, it evokes such emotions that each of the audience can melt for hours over the effect of what they saw.

Dyemotion presented over 80 performances staged in Poland, India, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. The dance theater supervisor is Marian Folga. He is one of the leading Polish body painters, multiple winner of the international body painting championships. Marian, together with Anna Banasik creates a beautiful theater of magic!

During Katowice Tattoo Konwent we had the unquestionable pleasure to admire one of the shows of this emerging group of artists. The show was titled “Matter”. It was a performance with strong music bordering on horror. Viewers could see the world of fairy tales, a riot of colors and, above all, the beautiful atmosphere of the staged UV shows. Like every DyeMotion show, also the “Materia” show awakened the imagination and the senses.

Responsible for the direction and choreography are: Marian Folga and Anna Banasik

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing their next show. It also should be noted that it was one of the most spectacular show I have seen at tattoo conventions around the world.




All photos were taken during Katowice Tattoo Konwent by Kamila Burzymowska.