Dublin International Tattoo Expo, which is a public tattoo convention held in Dublin each year, had entered it fourteenth year of existence. It is the biggest show of its kind in Ireland and is recognized internationally.

It is carried out over one weekend of a specified month and encourages tattoo artists and wearers from around the world, to come and flaunt their art and wears. Dublin International Tattoo Expo is not only limited to tattoo artists and wearers but it’s a family friendly event open for all; kids, adolescents, adults and elderly people.

Dublin International Tattoo Expo comprises of tattoo art and body piercings, live shows, entertainment session for kids, live band performances and an all-time DJ. World famous tattoo artists look forward to this event where, by paying just a few pounds, they can gain entry and set up their tattooing booth where people can come and get their favorite words, quotes, drawings or designs tattooed on their bodies. Dublin International Tattoo Expo is open for all, any gender or race or age is welcome here and can gain entry by purchasing its ticket.

The tickets are available at minimal prices at the time and place specified by the Dublin International Tattoo Expo community beforehand. The information is also available at their website and Facebook page which keeps the participants, and potential attendees, updated with the details of the event. It was held from 30 October – 01 November 2015in Red Cow Moran Hotel Dublin‎, Dublin, Ireland in the previous year and, the Dublin International Tattoo convention 2016 will be carried out at Red Cow pavilion/hotel Dublin, Ireland. Apart from the tickets, the publications also specify the bands which would be performing at the event and the famous tattoo artists who would be attending it. This year, the tattoo master Dark Paul Booth who would be present at the Dublin International Tattoo Expo 2016, promising more and more entries and a bigger crowd.

Not only is this event for tattoo lovers but other enthusiasts, such as photographers and researchers, can get some thrill out of it as well. Many photographers attend Dublin International Tattoo Expo to capture the essence of tattooing in the form of portraits. Photographers can also set up their photography booths at the event or just informally capture different aspects of society this expo unravels. This convention is a great platform to showcase the emerging new talent and its amazing art as well, be it tattoo artists, photographers, singers, or DJ’s.

Dublin International Tattoo Expo holds a lot of significance for the tattooing subculture. A plethora of stigmas and stereotypes are attached to this relatively deviant behavior by the society. This event not only helps to break the unfair boundaries and barriers constructed by people themselves but also acts as a cohesive agent to bind communities together. When people belonging to varied age, race, gender, ethnicity, intermingle during this fun filled event, most doubts and uncertainties are clarified. In addition, it also preserves the subculture and its art, promising some wonderful tattoo artists to the future.