Denmark News; The Danish Goverment, Finally Waking Up To Tattoos:

Denmark news, at least for many in and around the country, it might come as a surprise what we will be talking about here.
The country of Denmark is finally joining the ranks of most of its neighbors, as well as other countries around the world.
By finally putting legislation into place, requiring tattoo artists to be registered, in order to run their businesses legally.

The country’s only law so far regarding tattoos, was the law prohibiting the tattooing of any individual under the age of 18, as well as tattooing on the face, hands and neck. But unlike this previous and much more restrictive law (which Denmark is the only country in Europe to have anything like), this new law is much more popular with the tattoo community of Denmark.

However, there are some kinks that they want to still have addressed. Such as the old law and it’s prohibitions towards the face, hands and neck. As well as some problems, with the scope of the registration of tattoo artists and its fairness. As it stands now, the place of tattooing will be what is registered, and not the individual artists themselves.

Unfair Towards Individual Artists:

The main problem with this new law, is that the registration, which costs money to have done. Will at the current level cost the same for a small studio as it will for some of the massive studios out there. So a studio with maybe 2-3 artists working there, will be paying the same as a studio with 10-15 artists working there. This simply isn’t fair and should be rectified.

One of the fears one could have, would be that the days of the smaller and cozier studios in Denmark, would be numbered. Because they would not be able to afford the large fees. It would also just be much more lucrative and affordable regardless, to share the fees in a larger studio with more artists. So artists would in a sense be nudged towards working in larger “chain” studios, rather than start their own smaller studios, or just working in smaller studios.

Other problems, other than some minor ones,  are with the old law. The Danish government seem absolutely reluctant at present times, to discuss the old law. Instead they are focusing on the new tattoo law, that they are currently putting into place. So as of now and for the foreseeable future perhaps. It will remain illegal in Denmark, to tattoo the face, hands and neck, and it can be met with severe finds for any artists that does so.

Final Comment:

But the new tattoo law in Denmark, is generally viewed as a positive step in the right direction. There are big hopes for how it might also protect the tattoo industry more. This is because of how the registration and the laws that come with it, will make the government able to sanction home tattooers and “scratchers”. Another important point, is that the government is working on making more legislation regarding the inks too. So that they can ensure more safety, in regards to allergic reactions and other complications. Hopefully this will make the whole industry a lot safer for people that want tattoos.

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