Dementher is a Gothic band from Serbia.

Members: Dunja Deurić – lead vocal Damjan Deurić – vocal, keyboards, hammond organ Ágnes Meleghy – vocal, bass guitar Mihajlo Oklobdžija – solo and rhythm guitar Attila Benkő – drums.

The band was spontaneously and with no forethought formed by the keyboardist and composer, Damjan Deurić, the guitarist, Darko Višković, and the vocalist, Dunja Deurić, and officially coming to life in 2002.

In 2003, new members join the band, thus forming the first permanent line-up: Attila Benkő (drums), Nebojša Marinkov (bass and vocal), Branislav Kolarski (Amentes). This is also the year when the band releases its first demo, “Sound Of A Horn”. As soon as April 2004 the band receives first recognitions, and a new member joins the team – this time, it was Boris Cvetković, the new guitarist. Through a collaboration with the Radio 202, the band wins the Best Demo Band award at the Demo Masters tournament, as well as the jury’s award at the greatest rock festival in Serbia, the Zaječarska gitarijada.

Picture of Lacrimosa Koma.

Soon after the Gitarijada success, Demether enters the studio and records the very first album, entitled “Within The Mirror”, which came out the same year, under the One Records label. It was re-released in 2005 through the New Moon label from Mexico. After the promotion of the album, joining of a new member, Branko Bursać (bass), the first video for “Silence”, a lot of acclaims, positive reviews and concerts, Demether enters the studio once again, in summer 2006. During the recording period, the band performs at the EXIT Festival (Metal Hammer stage), and the show is very well received. The second album was finally released in 2007, through another collaboration with One Records. During the same year, the band shoots another video, this time for the song “Lacrimosa”. During the next year, the band performed at several major festivals, and as of fall 2008 the band members retreat from the stage to work on their solo projects.

Demether is reawakened in the fall 2013, entering the studio with an entirely fresh line up and new ideas, preparing their third album, “Two Roses”. Ágnes Meleghy (bass) and Mihajlo Oklobdžija (solo and rhythm guitar) join the band. The album release is expected in the autumn of 2014.


Check out the video here:
Demether Lacrimosa

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