David Lee Roth’s New Skincare Line for Skin with Tattoos

David Lee Roth, the frontman Van Halen, introduced his new skincare line.
His new thing is called Ink the Original, skincare products specifically designed and made for those who live with tattoos.

He had worked with many labs to find the right formulas before releasing the products. Today, several variants are introduced such as a tattoo brightening balm with Vitamin C for USD 40, an SPF spray starts from USD 40, an SPF stick for USF 28, and many more.
The creators said that he was so obsessed with the packaging that featured a clear satin finish.


Roth also said that people who had added inks on their bodies want to show off the art.
And his skincare line is concerned about that.
All oil-based products will make anything on your skin reflects your eyes.
On the other hand, the packaging looks interesting and nothing could beat its
satin finish until today.

According to the creators, the skincare line is specifically made to protect a Rembrandt. However, Roth does not want to be entitled to the cheesy celebrity lines.
This is why he will keep developing his products from its content and marketing with a world tattoo architect, Ami James.

Both Roth and James agreed that products always speak for themselves and it is also a sign that those products are well-made.
And the skincare should be right while nourishing the inked skin and friendly to the environment, on the other hand.

This might not be a breakthrough in the world of art.
However, a skincare line for tattooed skins would be very interesting.
As the creators said before, showing off your tattoos is your right and you should do it right by protecting it with the right skincare.
The unique packages would be another added value for the product after all.

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