Daniel Mårs; Inked Up Nurse and Family Man:

Daniel Mårs, or dannemars as he is also known as on Instagram, is a “still young” tattoo collector, from Stockholm Sweden. Where he lives with his little family consisting of his girlfriend and little baby girl, whom he loves dearly. Other than that Daniel models in his spare time, when he is not working at this day job, as a nurse.

If you go on his Instagram, you can enjoy some of his awesome model shoots he has taken part in. Which really show off his impressive and colorful tattoo collection. But there are also some pictures snuck in there, of his family, especially of his beloved daughter. All in all this awesome tattoo collector and model, is a laid back guy, who loves his family as well as helping people as a nurse.

The Interview:

  1. Age and where are you from?

I’m 31, still young I think. I live in Stockholm, Sweden, since 12 years back. But I am originally from Linköping/Jönköping.

  1. What got you interested in tattoos?

I first started when I was around 16 years old and got introduced to hardcore, screamo and posthardcore music by my twin brother. I got addicted to the music and tattoos is a really big part of the genre and how to express yourself.

  1. What was your first tattoo and when did you get it?

My first tattoo that I got was a tribal on my upper arm, but that one will soon be covered up after some laser tattoo removal. I got it when I was 17 years old and I remember that I needed to have a signature from my mom before I could get it done.

  1. How many tattoos would you guess you have by now?

If you can count your tattoos you don’t have enough. I am almost fully covered now.

  1. Is there any part of your body you would not tattoo ever?

I will never get my entire face covered with tattoos.

  1. Which tattoo hurt the most so far?

Definitely the throat. That pain was not easy to handle, and it’s harder when you have to lie absolutely still and breathe gently. Although I would say that pain in general is not an issue for me.

  1. How many different artists have tattooed you?

Hmm… I would say about 18 I think, give or take. I dont know the names of everyone that got me tattooed. But for now I only stick to my friends and favorite tattoo artists, Aniela ”Fru Duva” (Bläckbyrån), Jacob Zamore (Imperial Tattoo) and Andreas Engblom (Kontrast Ink Gallery).

  1. Which tattoo is your favorite in your collection currently?

I can’t pick just one of them, so I will have to say my back tattoo by Fru Duva, my chest by Jacob Zamore and my necktattoo/the back of my head by Andreas Engblom.

  1. Is there an artist you dream of getting tattooed by?

When you are almost fully covered like me, I like to have the last spots done by my friends. I do like a lot of different artist, but I will just continue to follow their amazing work on instagram and other social media.

  1. What is your next big tattooplan?

I have done some laser tattoo removal on my right upper and inner arm, that I mentioned before. I will get it covered up with japanese tattooes and I’m thinking about getting a tiger and some flowers. The artist, Joel Stenlund at Studio Blanco Tattoo, will decide what he thinks will be best.

Final Comments:

Daniel is truly passionate about his tattoo collection, which he is far from done with. It will be exciting to see how his future tattoo projects pan out. Hopefully he will continue to show them off, when he is not busy saving lives and taking care of his little family. Definitely a cool guy who is worth a follow, if you like tattoos (and/or cute babies…ladies).

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