What art form do you do? Please, describe it.


I do a bit of everything! I just love creating with different mediums and paint on different objects. I mostly use acrylic paints or graphic pencils for my portraits. I love painting shoes, saws, cleavers, machetes. Anything I can get my hands on and anything that looks paintable! I’m also a tattoo artist 🙂

What makes your works stand out?


Hmm, I get a lot of compliments on the realism in my work. So I guess the realism makes my work stand out :). Since I started painting on saws and blades about 4 years ago, I’ve had a lot of interest in those! So I saw my paintings are the ones that stand out most. 



I guess your works have changed over time, along with your skills and interests. How did this transformation look like for you? 


The biggest thing that has changed for me is becoming a tattoo artist! I’ve always drawn and painted in a realistic style all my life so learning a new skill in tattooing was really exciting. I always look for ways to challenge myself in art and I guess becoming a tattoo artist was a ”level up” for me. It was definitely tough learning how to use a new tool but I’m so glad I took this journey. I’m glad I transformed my style of work on paper, onto skin! Tattooing isn’t as easy as it looks. The process of learning requires a lot of dedication, effort and most importantly, passion. 


What is your greatest professional achievement?


Has to be becoming a tattoo artist. Being able to tattoo and attend tattoo conventions, meeting new talented artists is just amazing. I feel like this achievement has literally changed my life! 


What and who inspires you? Are there any artists who are admirable to you? If so, who?


Everything around me inspires me. I get my inspiration from everything my eyes see. I’m constantly thinking and looking for something to create so my mind automatically envisions potential outcomes. If I see a piece of wood on the floor, I think ‘I can paint on this”. Other artists’ work inspire me tremendously as well. Seeing amazing completed work as well as their process, inspires me to create my own. I love seeing hard working artists and it makes me work hard too. The satisfaction of completing a piece is amazing. The feedback I get from my lovely clients is special. Especially if it’s a piece that means a lot to them. Creating something special for my clients is what inspires me to keep going and creating smiles. 

When it comes to tattooing, my number one inspiration and the one I admire the most is the person who taught me the skill of tattooing. My boyfriend James. He taught me the right way from the basics. It was a tough road, but with him constantly by my side, I was able to develop my skill with his amazing help and skills. I owe it to him. 

There are other tattoo artists I admire. Thomas Carli Jarlier for his absolutely amazing realism. Such a pleasure to look at. Karol Rybakowski for his super colour portraits. Valentina Riabova is definitely another inspiration of mine. I love how she is also able to draw on her stencils by hand without using a stencil. I’ve always tried to do this with my art as I believe that is a skill in itself. This is how I aspire to be in the near future of my tattooing career!


Is there any person you dream of working with in the future?


Yes but he is dead. The one and only, Bob Ross. I would have loved to have a painting session with him. Not only was he an amazing painter but such an interesting human being. And his love for animals is a bonus. 

There are far too many artists and tattoo artists I would love to work with in the future, I feel like it would be unfair to pick out just a few!


Please tell us about your most interesting projects. Are you working on something special for you right now? If so, please describe it.


Yes! I am really excited to be starting some hand painted chainsaws! I’ve been doing a lot of saws and blades recently and decided to do something bigger! They will be horror inspired so I can’t wait for that! 



How would you imagine a perfect exhibition of your works?


I’ve never really thought about that! Hmmm. I definitely thought about having an exhibition and I’ve always pictured it in a HUGE place. I’ve always wanted to visit America, specifically California, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami. So I guess a BIG exhibition, exhibiting my paintings, followed by a massive party for all my fellow artists, in one of those places!



Do you have any other passion or something that you enjoy doing?


I love watching “Eastenders” and I seem to be the only one in the world who is obsessed with it haha! But on a serious note, I love fighting against my social anxiety. I set myself challenges I never would even consider doing. I believe that every small step is a step closer to becoming better and slowly getting over my anxiety. I think that’s why I love going to new places. Usually my anxiety would hate going to unknown places, having to talk to strangers. But I love it now. It makes me feel powerful :). 


What are your plans and dreams? If you think about yourself in 10 years, what do you see?


I definitely want to travel the world and tattoo. It has always been my dream to get a camper van and go travelling for a few years! I’m 27 now so by the time I’m 37 I definitely want to visit most countries but that time! I also plan on winning a lottery. Yup I definitely plan to haha. If I win, half is going for investment and other half is going towards animal shelters and others in need! 


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