Cutting and Masectomy; The Scars That Bind:

Cutting and Masectomy most people, especially among women, will know someone who has been through one of these. Without going too much into the psychological aspects that make people go through these experiences, we want to talk about what the two have in common. As well as talking about how they  are connected to tattoos.


First of all it is worth noting, that the traumatic experiences that lead to an individual cutting, or needing a masectomy, can be horrible enough in themselves. But where the scars come into play, is in the healing process.
The scars from these experiences, can actually stall the healing process. They bind the person to the experience, being a constant reminder of what they went through and the trauma.

Often the scars will also leave the person feeling stigmatized. They make them feel disconnected from their bodies, making them feel they can’t recognize themselves anymore. They lose their self-esteem and confidence, not wanting to show off their bodies.

Through Ink the Body is Reclaimed:

Masectomy tattoo with reconstructive surgery

As our resident sociologist Mads/Tattoo-Logia can testify to, tattoos can do wonders for self esteem.  Especially in these cases, we see more and more women, choosing to cover their old scars with tattoos. This is what can be called medical tattooing, especially in the case of nipple reconstruction for masectomy patients.

But for both cutters and masectomy patients, as well as others in similar situations, tattoos help them reclaim their body. It simply put helps them regain their self-esteem, by taking back their body’s self-expression. By covering up their scars with beautiful tattoos, these individuals once again feel confident int heir bodies.

The tattoos cover up the old scars, with new colorful images. Images that in one way or another, speak about the individuals identity and how they have overcome their trauma. They don’t erase the memory, but they help the individual move on. By reclaiming their identity through ink, many can feel more confident in themselves again.

Masectomy tattoo without reconstructive surgery

The Positive Use of Tattoos:


Indeed tattoos can help many with bodily traumas, from cutters to even burn victims. They can even help victims of bullying and the consequences of it, overcome their mental traumas. It all has to do with how they build the individuals embodied identity. Their mental image of who they are, becomes more connected with their bodily identity, making both stronger. It helps people to be more certain about who they are, in the face of the worlds adversities.

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