Countdown for the 12th edition of Florence Tattoo Convention
which is going to animate the historic Fortezza Da Basso on 8 | 9 | 10 November 2019.

390 internationally renowned tattoo artists will gather like every year, ready to satisfy the desires of the public.
These include the French Polynesians of Hoata Tiki Tattoo, the Koreans of Orient Jehoo,
the New Zealander Julious Mora, the Russians Dmitry Babakhin and Maks Kornev,
the Germans of the Der Grimm studio, Branko Antevski, Randy Engelhard and Julian Siebert, the exponents of the old guard such as Bernie Luther (Austria), Bill Loika (Netherlands), Doc Price (England), Gippi Rondinella and Gianmaurizio Fercioni, the Spanish Dani Martos and Frank Crespo, the Serbian Marko Tattoo and the Italians Billi Murran, Kristi, Web, Rudy Fritsch, Ivano Natale, Davide Andreoli.

Particular attention has been paid to the selection of ​master tattoo artists who use the ancient traditional instruments, to whom specific platforms have been designed.
We report Elle Mana Festin from the Philippines, Samuel Olman for the traditional Olmec Mexican technique, Colin Dale who practices Inuit viking and Kila with his Nordic handpoke, Jona and Razzouk for Coptic tattoo and Lauretan, Kensho II, Ryugen and Horien who practice Japanese irezumi, Matthieu and Rung Ajarn for the Thai technique and Hendra and Durga for the bornean hammer.

Dani Guiraone

Thanks to the success achieved in the previous editions, the ​vast exhibition area of ​​the
Florence Tattoo Convention​ will offer an accurate selection of works this year.
Its interesting to notice the brand new photographic section devoted to portraits, the site specific
by Alexandros Mars curated by Rossana Calbi, and the works on canvas of the collective group
show presented by the florentine Street Level Gallery, Circo dei tatuatori and Marta Gabrieli, as well
as individual artists.

To signal the three conferences that will take place Saturday and Sunday on the main stage:  “The tattoo of Loreto and the Coptic Christian tattoo of Jerusalem” proposed by Jonatal Carducci and
Wassim Razzouk, ​”On our skin – cultural geography of the tattoo” ​on the history of the
tattoo over the millennia up to the contemporary, by Professor Paolo Macchia.