Corona Closes Conventions Around The World

Many businesses are effected in these times with the spread of corona virus all around the World.
The Corona virus impact in societies has put an end to many tattoo conventions.
Actually after the huge Milano Tattoo Convention in the beginning of February this year,
we have seen many events cancelled and/or postponed their events.
A few conventions made it but now the situation seems dark related to all the borders getting closed.

Mediazink bring here a number of conventions listed with the help from World Tattoo Events.
You can be updated here on all conventions in the World.
Visit their website here:

From Alex Van Dutch, the owner of World Tattoo Events:

Good Morning Everyone!! So that’s exactly how many tattoo conventions will take place anywhere in the world this weekend: ZERO!!!! They are all getting postponed or cancelled, for the reason that we all know.

I never faced a situation like this in over 10 years of running World Tattoo Events. Probably nobody has. Ever. This is a once in a lifetime global pandemic. The only thing we can do, is to stay strong, safe and above all positive. And co-operate as much as possible to overcome this. Just don’t get to close to each other and let’s hope for better days as soon as possible!!

Mediazink will update you on this. Tattoo conventions is one of our mainfocus!

World Tattoo Event Picture From Facebook

Cover photo is taken by Kamila Burzymowska from Warsaw Tattoo Convention 2019.