Christmas is getting near

Mediazink has decided to create a new Christmas calendar like last year and this time we open for the whole World to be included.

The nomination process is a Facebook thing and on our spec. Christmas post you will be able to nominate as many artists as you like.

Like last year we have a jury that go through all the nominated artists

That take place medio November on a special Christmas meeting in Copenhagen
at the Mediazink lounge in Valby.
We look for skilled artists with talent so all nominated artists will have a visit on their social media where the jury take a good look.

The 25 selected artists will then be random placed in December
Every artist get a short presentation and we highlight some of their best work.
The social media will be linked in the post so our readers can follow them further.

The most interacted artist will be selected and awarded with our annual title.
Artist of the Year.
Here we use google analytic and counts on comments etc.

Last year was Ellen Westholm from Sweden the winner