Christmas Calendar On Facebook & Instagram

This years 2nd annual Christmas Calendar host 25 great artists chosen and selected by
Fans and readers from Mediazink SoMe pages.

The most engaged and visited artist during December will be awarded “Artist of the Year – 2019”
Every artist collect points the first 24 hours when listed on Facebook.
Likes, comments and shares gives points.
The artist with most points will be the winner.

Merry Christmas

View the 25 artist list here
The list in alphabetic order:

Annica Akka Stålbrand – Sweden
Andy Engel – Germany
Bob Tyrrell – USA
Bryan Merck – USA
Coney Island Demon – USA/Sweden
Dan Palmer – Denmark
Even Strandvoll – Norway
Freja Phoenix – Denmark
Jens Waldmann – Sweden
John Hove – Denmark
Kevin Houg – Denmark
Lena Art – Germany
Mary´s Ink – Denmark
Marco Klose – Germany
Mona Cupcake – Denmark
Nick Morte – Russia/Norway
Noelin Wheeler – USA
Onny Somboon – Thailand/Netherlands
Paula Laine – Sweden
Paul Vander-Johnson – Scotland
Primo Walasek – Poland
Reese Hilburn – USA
Robert Hernandez – Spain
Ruben Barahona – USA
Suvorov Vasilii – Russia

The 2nd of January we announce the Artist of the year 2019.
Merry x-mas to you all from Mediazink