Child Artist; What is the Right Age to Start Tattooing?

Child tattoo artist, not words people often picture together. But for one young kid, this is what he is doing. He is only 12 years old and has only been practicing for 6 months, but he has already tattooed 12 people. He is even quite skilled, especially for his age. His mom is very proud and was the first person that her son Ezrah tattooed.

So far he has only trained in the traditional tattoo style, but he is already a prodigy, mastering the style to its fullest. Perhaps it is true what they say about children being better at learning?

No matter what people may say about the young man, he is at least (for now), very passionate about the craft of tattooing and loves it.
In an interview with VICE, he already speaks like the best among his older colleagues. Those people would say have true passion for tattooing. He is eager to learn and get better, it is all he wants to do, he really wants it.

Is it okay to tattoo as a minor?

Ezrah might be very young, but he is being taught by a professional artist, he has the hygiene in place and tattoos with the right tools as well. So despite his age, he is doing everything right. So is his age really a problem? that seems to be the question on everyone’s minds.
We here at MediaZink are not really sure how to answer that.

On one hand, you could treat it like most countries do the liquour industry; If you are not old enough to enjoy it, you can’t sell it.
But then again on the other hand, you could treat it like many other industries, where it is okay for a youngster to start out early, as long as he or she knows their boundaries.

No matter what, you can’t help but smile, when you see the smile on the kids face and the pride on his mothers. It can at least also be said, if he keeps it up the way he is doing, he will be one awesome tattoo artist by the time he is 18, and ready for a first tattoo of his own.

Final Comments:

No matter what you think of this kid, the video from VICE is worth watching. Plus you cannot denie that the kid is skilled and passoinate.
But we will the discussion up to you guys, our dear fans. We at least know, that many of the old timers, who started out back in the 70’s and 80’s, weren’t much older themselves.

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