Mashkow – The Russian Master Artist

When a portrait, 90’s classic hip hop graffiti, and horror scenes combined into a tattoo, what would it become? Alexey Mashkow knows the best answer very well.

Mashkow is a Russian master tattoo artist widely known for his unique style.
Born and grew up in Moscow to a family of artists, he becomes very fond with street culture in the city and involved with graffiti vandalism.
At first, Mashkow pursued a path in fine art, studied at local art school.
Until the last year of his study, a friend come to him with tattoo machine, needles, and inks to asking him to finish an old tattoo.
From that time Mashkow found a new passion and that leads him to learn tattoo arts,
until he is able to master it.

Mashkow turns to his childhood passion to create his unique tattoo style. He draws inspiration from graffiti style of 90’s hip hop scenes combined with horror style adapted into a portrait tattoo. This unique and attractive style soon gaining attention within the tattoo art community not only in Russia but also worldwide that landed him an invitation to major tattoo conventions all over the world. Today, Mashkow is a well demanded tattoo artist traveling to different countries but still based in Moscow.