Can You Still Be A Model If You Have A Tattoo?


Most girls dream of living the glamorous life of a model – the chance to wear high-end clothes, do photo shoots, rub elbows with the elite, and travel are just some of the perks of being a model. But what if you have a tattoo? Does this prohibit you from pursuing a career in modeling?


Conservative past

There was a time when having a tattoo means saying goodbye to any chance of being a model. This was a time when tattoos were frowned upon and the negative stigma that comes with having a tattoo is distinctly strong. Although tattoos can be edited out through photoshop, this costs money and some modeling agencies do not want to go through extra work on your pictures especially if you are just a new model.

Kenzy Lee
Kenzy Lee


Freedom of expression

But today’s society is a more open-minded one and is embracing tattoos as a form of self-expression. In fact, there are some magazines that specifically look for tattoo models. But of course, your chances will depend on what kind of tattoos you have. They should not be calling out for a social action or make a social statement that conflicts with any product that you would be asked to represent. A strategically placed tattoo can also get you gigs for certain products like jewelry or clothes. Famous models with tattoos are Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss, Heidi Klum. Even “Zombie Boy” Rick Genest, who has tattoos all over his body and face, get to model for high-end brands.


So if you have a tattoo, do not worry! Most modeling agents can see it as a unique way to make you more identifiable and a way to drive more attention to the product that you are endorsing. If a gig calls for no tattoos, today’s makeup artists can easily cover up your tattoo and photo shopping them out does not take as much effort as it used to. Having a tattoo should not discourage you from pursuing your dreams!

Enjoy these lovely models

Kenzy Lee
Kenzy Lee

Michelle from Sweden

Sharon Phoenix