Calligraphy; It is All In the Brush Strokes:

Calligraphy, an ancient art form and cultural practice. An art form that has been present all over the world, yet simultaneously, has seemed to die out and become almost a subculture, in modern soceity. Well known all over the world, from Asia to Europe, it makes art out of writing. It is literally as if words and letters are painted. A practice that was once the height of high society and something to aspire to. Is now mainly part of people’s wedding invitations and the like (at least in the west).

Indeed historically speaking, the practice and artform, is probably  mostly known from Asia. At least today, most people think of how beautifully, some artists paint Kanji onto paper, making single words and letters, into beautiful art. But Calligraphy was also, as we already hinted about, very well known in Europe, back in the middle ages.
We saw it especially, in the work of many monks, writing down tomes and bibles, creating beautiful works of calligraphy.

But the artform is indeed most impressive, when it comes to Asia, where it can be traced back to as far as a few hundred years BC. It is incredible that you can still find it alive today, and in more forms than ever, with both digital versions and indeed body-art keeping it alive. We all know how popular Kanji tattoos are, and will probably remain. And digital art, makes it easier for many to create Calligraphy today.

Final Comment:

Though it is rare that someone hand paints Calligraphy today. There are still the rare masters out there, around the world, who hand make it. Hopefully these practices will be kept alive for years to come, even with the rarity of people that are skilled at creating it. At least modern artists are keeping the art alive by making it their own.

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