Martyn is upfront when he describes his past life as a chef. ‘I loved and still love the
restaurant business and had some fantastic experiences over the years, but these were
also years of abuse including large amounts of alcohol, endless parties, junk food,
illegal substances and all the other bad habits that were just a part of the restaurant life.’
Martyn describes the man he was ten years ago as overweight, overworked, stressed and
suffering from various health problems. ‘Something had to give.’
Then came an invitation that was a life–changer. In 2004, Guy Hopkins, the founder of The Spa on
Koh Samui in Thailand offered Martyn a position as Executive Chef. ‘It was the chance I needed to
reclaim my body and well–being, as well as creating some wonderful new dishes for their menu.’
Martyn and his family quit everything to move to Thailand.


The road to recovery began with a 21–day clean vegan diet, followed by a ten–day fast and colon
cleansing programme. ‘If you have never experienced this, I can assure you the process of not
eating for seven or more days or more changes your whole perspective about yourself. It truly is a
life changing and self–learning experience.’
Martyn lost thirty kilos… he looked great and he felt great. Then came a chance encounter with a
visiting raw food chef. ‘At the time the concept of raw food was completely alien to me… but I was
willing to give it a try.’ Using his own culinary skills, Martyn was soon creating amazing raw food
for himself and visitors to the spa.
On his return to Sweden, Martyn opened a new restaurant but quickly realised that it was a
mistake and old habits were returning. He started looking for raw food snacks to fit into his busy
lifestyle, trying a wide range of products, but found nothing that he wanted to eat twice! ‘I felt
sorry for anyone who wanted to add raw food to their diet, because if they chose any of these
products as an introduction to raw food, it would probably be their first and only time.’


‘Finally, I realised that everything in my life had been leading to this! I had been given enough
signs through ill health, a forced change of life, a chance introduction to a great raw food chef…
and I had all the technical skills I needed to create my own range of products.’
The ‘Taste by Martyn Brook’ range now includes raw cookies (made with sunflower seeds, raisins,
coconut, cashews and vanilla), herby flax–seed crackers, raw granola which Martyn describes as
an ‘all–day take–anywhere snack’, and even a raw chocolate cake!

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