Bogotá; A City With More Color Than Ever:

The capital of Colombia Bogotá has done something, that no one saw coming. They have made graffiti completely legal. Now many might have feared that this would result, in the city being covered in ugly tagging and such. But that is not the case, instead amazing graffiti artists, have flocked there from all over the world. Creating beautiful art wherever they can.

The result is one beautiful and incredibly colorful city. As can clearly be seen in Eyecatcher’s coverage of the city.
But this legislative move, sadly came as a consequence of a rather sad event. As a young graffiti artist was killed by police in 2011. Massive protests occured afterwards. Which then resulted in the decriminalization of the practice.

Now graffiti is viewed as a cultural practice, rather than as a criminal one. Meaning that artists have, as mentioned, flocked to the city of Bogotá. Making it one of the most breathtakingly beautiful cities in the world now.
If you do not believe us, please take a look for yourself.

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