Bodyart with Yandel.
Here is a Q & A from one of the wildest painters in the industry.

Name: Yandel
Age: 43
Living in: Canada


“How long have you been doing body painting”

Im doing bodyart since 2001, before that I am a mural artist, I started to make art I was 8, I made my first cartoon with my best friend in his living room, he was also fascinated by the art than I was back then.

“Where do you get your inspiration for your body art”

I get my inspiration from my experiences in life, my friends, by great artists known, by the news, everything became an inspiration potencial.

Photo: Yandel

“Do you have any co workers helping you in the procees”

I usually work alone, but I love to be in partnership with other artists in Bodypaint jam, its so much fun and the result is always surprising.

“Is there any in your Family who are creative like you”

My stepfather was an artist, he began his life of artist paint in Haiti long ago, he died in 1999, I wish that people would remember him as a great artist, but he only paint for himself. I still have these paintings at home. He made me understand that if you are happy with your creation, you need anyone to tell you that you are a good artist.

“What is your vision for the future”

I do a lot of creating for others, for parties, for events, for clients, they paid me well and I’m happy with that, but if I can have more time for my own creations, I can go much further in my vision and be able to serve more my passion for art by proposing new ideas in the bodypainting, is why I created my project I called Who is that girl ” , paint models of all kinds, of all sizes, create without having a set of themes, exploring topics that can upset even shock, be free to let itself guide by its intuition.

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Photo: Yandel

Here is a teaser selection of body art created by Yandel.
We will soon bring you an extended Photogallery here on the site.

12115782_10153700486798750_8472379598291536039_n Body art by Yandel
Photo: Yandel