Body Arts Expression At Its Finest, how we decorate our body tells us who we are. There are various marks of identity, which represent bravery, beauty, spirits and magic. These expressions are considered as a contemporary art form. People around the world, use their skin as canvas to explore so many different ways, both permanent and temporary, to decorate and adorn their body.

There are many forms of body arts in which people modify, change and cover their body. Among the most popular ones are tattooing, piercing, paintings and modifications.


Everyone has a tattoo these days, and people have found many ways on, how to express themselves with the symbols they choose.

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A tattoo is a punctured wound, made by penetrating your skin with a needle, while injecting ink on some areas of the body, creating a design. This form of body art is practically permanent, because the ink is injected into the second deeper layer of the skin or dermis.

Tattoos are done manually before. Skin is being punctured by a needle while injecting ink on it by hand. Though this process is still used traditionally in some parts of the world, most of the tattoo shops nowadays use machines.

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2 different and very popular Rotary Tattoo Machines: 

Getting a body tattoo can take a few minutes to several hours, depending on the size and design chosen. It can also be very painful, because it involves being stuck with a needle multiple times.

Body Modifications:

This is about self-expression. This is to create body arts, which are among the numerous reasons, why people deliberately want to alter their physical appearance. People, who have no experience in the subject or no personal interest, find this form of art as scary and weird. But, this process it is to take part in tradition, and culture that spans race, class and human history.

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Usually people assume that body modifications only apply to piercing and tattooing, which are a few of the more common forms. However, the society’s present definition of this body art form is aesthetic, and, almost all of us are engaged in some form of body modding. Examples of these are ear piercing and cosmetic surgery, which have now become extremely common, as well as scarification, implanting and branding which are some of the uncommon forms.


There has been misconception, that this body art form is a recent trend of fashion, but piercing is very common in every culture throughout history, with a range of huge meanings behind the jewellery worn. Both nostril and ear piercing have been documented, and piercing in other parts of the body is now widely practiced. Body piercing is now a fashion, and the motivation behind it is enhancement and adornment.

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Body Paintings:

Among all other body art forms, body painting is temporary. It is painted unto the human skin and only lasts for one day, more or less. It represents symbol of power and origin. It shows beauty and bravery. It can also be an act of transformation.

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Body Painter Daniela Casuneanu:

Body artists worldwide are searching for new forms of painting that are shocking and provoking, to be able to capture social attention by conveying a certain artistic, stylistic and fashion-based message.