Our new series is dedicated to those who love tattoos and dogs at the same time. While there are certainly many people who love what we mentioned first, we are convinced that the number of dog lovers will also be very large. Besides, how can you not love dogs?


Ever since I can remember, I have always heard the thesis that a dog is a man’s best friend. I always agreed with it, but with age, I understood more and more. As a huge fan of dogs, I can definitely say that these furry ones give as much love as no one else can. Due to their short life span, compared to human life, we, as humans, would like the memory of them never to pass away. That is why we make tattoos to commemorate our best friends. In addition, we often tattoo what is closest to our heart, conscience, faiths, or preferences. Therefore, tattooing our own dog on our body seems like a fantastic idea.


In each new article, we decided to show you examples of tattoos with a different breed of dog. It is difficult to do good research and decide on the style in which we would like our furry pet to be captured. That is why we come to the rescue and have prepared for you a lot of ideas for various tattoo styles presenting the same subject.


Today we have prepared for you beautiful tattoo works of people from around the world showing Shiba dogs. Who will be next? You will find out in the next article in the series “Best Dogs Tattoos”.


Meanwhile, send us your ideas, we will see them with great curiosity 🙂