Berlin Tattoo Queen Competition 2019

This years Tattoo Queen Berlin competition had a lot of
attending girls that were heavily tattooed of course.

On Friday they had a quick but nice presentation on stage
with some of the lovely girls and on Saturday it was finally
time for the big competiton to Kick Off!

There was around 15 girls attending, from various places in Germany
but the hope of being the 2019 Ink Queen Berlin. The first round on
stage in front of the great jury the girls could wear more “dressed”
outfits and for the second round, it was bikini outfits.

At least two of the jury members knows exaclly how it is to be in
front of a lot of people, and also be on camera. One of the jury
members was the world famous Makani Terror and another one
of the judges was the 2018 winner Kassandra Maria.

The price for the winner was not bad at all, the winners gets
a trip to the famous London Tattoo Convention with paid flights,
hotel and convention entry the whole weekend. Great price to say
at least!

2019 Tattoo Queen Berlin was the beautiful Katja “KatInka” Stubbe.