Bergen Tattoo Convention – Best kept secret in Norway

Bergen Tattoo Convention:
During these 27 years of tattooing, I have had the pleasure of participating in many tattoo conventions around the world.
Like any other tattooer, I’ve got my favourites, and this is definitely one tattoo convention I’m adding to that list. Without further bullshit, let’s get to it!
Convention organizer Jörn Knutsen (Norway) has been in the business for 23 years and has owned his own shop for 21 years. He decided to organize a convention, because since Bergen is the second largest city in Norway it was only fair that they got their own show. So between 2009 to early 2010, he started contacting several tattoo artists through e-mail, and travelling to other conventions to get people to participate in his show.
In late spring of 2010, he did the show and it was a great success, and it just took off from there, and he made it to the best show in Norway (in my opinion).
When I asked Jörn, what other reasons did he have for making the show, he firmly stated that tattooing has done very good by him, so he just wanted to give something back in return.This tattoo convention has become a gathering of some of the best tattooers in the world, including artists like Robert Hernandez, Liorcifer, Don fat, Juho, Tony Raita, Alex X, Mr. Dist, Filip Red Dragon, Nick Morte, Mike Tuten, Shannon Young, Pernilla Perdi Bird, Victor Policheri, Benjamin Moss, Gustavo Viani, Lola Garcia and too many more to mention.
This year, 2017, Jörn moved the location of the show from Logen Theater to USF Verftet, a bigger and better venue.
Despite the change, it did not affect the number of visitors (it actually increased), the hospitality and service provided by him and his crew is second to none.
If you find yourself up in Bergen, in the beginning/middle of May, don’t hesitate to visit this convention, it is definitely worth the trip, for artist and visitors alike!
Article by Coney Island Demon – Media Zink Crew
Photos by Sofie
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This years’ competition winners:

Best small: Riccardo Casese, Thy Gallery
Best of Friday: Trond, First Blood Tattoo
Best Traditional: Filip, Red Dragon Tattoo
Best Black & Grey: Kai Ree, Timeless Tattoo
Best Colour: Noi Siamese, 1969 Tattoo
Best of Saturday: Daniel, Leading Light Bergen
Best Oriental: Sandor Jordan, Hakutsuru Tattoo
Best Big one: Victor Policheri, Ivory Tower Tattoo
Best Realistic: Ivano Natale, Thy Gallery
Best of Sunday: Jesper, Timeless Tattoo


The organizer of the Bergen Tattoo Convention, Jörn Knutsen.