Everyone knows we should exercise in order to get a healthier and longer life without diseases.

Still, many people in this country who never exercise . Often the excuse that there is not time in their lives , but that argument does not really anymore. For all actually have time , it’s just a matter of desire and Give priority

In recent years there has been a focus on very short-lived , yet very effective high intensive training (also called HIT) . And today published the book “High pulse ” that promises that just ten minutes of exercise three times a week is enough to make you noticeably healthier.


You do not have to like exercise

The book is written by the English physician and science journalist Michael Mosley , who also made the BBC documentary ” The truth about exercise .”

He describes himself as someone who has never been crazy about exercise :

– You spend hours sweating on an exercise bike or lifting heavy weights. And then comes the unpleasant moments when you step on the scale and find that there has not been anything for me. I think exercise is something to be endured , because you will need it . Not something you do for pleasure .


Better health can be achieved with minute workout

Research shows that High Intensity Training ( HIT) provides weight loss, better fitness and increased insulin sensitivity , which reduces the risk of getting diabetes . And it can all be achieved with very little training .

Michael Mosley began even with a form of training , where he three times a week had asked him everything he could for three times 20 seconds. And after four weeks, his insulin sensitivity improved by 25 percent.

– It is quite amazing at HIT is that it is quick. And therefore it is a great way for people who are not so happy to spend their time exercising , says Michael Mosley .

In his new book can, among other things, read more about tips on training , motivation and the research behind training method.



” We know that many of our members are ready to take a step up in intensity scale. Therefore, we have developed a team where there is a guarantee sweat and great results . ” Writes the large fitness chain , Fitness World.

Fitness World has created HIT teams as possible to join .


here is a clip from the BBC where you can see the benefits of HIT