Barbara Crane

Hello Barbara. Can you tell our readers, who are you?
– Hello, of course! I am Barbara and I do many things, so it is hard to label myself, but I am a tattooed model/artist, that works and studies in new media/video/graphic design fields. I study at Art Academy Of Latvia and I plan to graduate this year. And on top of that I have been creating tattoo related content on Youtube for almost 3 years now.

As we can see on your social media, you have a lot of amazing tattoos. How and why did you get into tattoos and how did you end up with that much amazing ink?
– Yes, and thank you. I have been obsessed and interested in tattoos ever since I was a 6 y/o kid. My dad had a few tattoos and my mom had one. I used to stare at these drawings on their skin and I thought to myself that it is so amazing to have drawings and art on your skin that stays there forever. As a kid I was very in to art and drawing so I drew a lot not only on paper, but also on my hands pretending I have tattoos. So years later when I was almost of age I finally got my first tattoo. Started off slow but I kew that in the end I will be fully covered in art.

Very nice! How long have you been getting tattooed?
– I got my first tattoo when I was 17, so it´s now 6 years.

Who is your favourite tattoo artist, if you only can pick one?
– Emils Salmins (emiltramp). He has done most of my tattoos and he is the best. I still know a lot of other good tattoo artists that I want to get tattooed by, but if I have to choose one then Emils for sure.

Which tattoo was the most painful to get?
– Oof, up until now it was my stomach/sternum/ribs. I have a bigger piece there and as much as I remember when getting my ribs shaded in, I was crying, it was pretty bad. But when I got the lines laid down for my neck tattoo, the middle of my neck was pretty bad, but those where just the lines so I don’t know how bad the shading will be.

Which Tattoo style is your favorite, and why?
– Blackwork. Because blackwork can imply almost anything as long as it consists only of black ink, and that is the style that is mostly covering my body and that is my absolute favourite.

Have you been at any tattoo convention?
– Sadly no. But I hope that soon I will get the chance.

What is your future plans, with your tattoo collection?
– I will finish my neck tattoo, then get my armpits done and then start my backpiece.

Where can people see more of you?
On Instagram and Youtube.

Thank you for talking to us and I´ll hope to see you around!