Bank Suspends Tattoo Artist’s Accounts

Bank of Queensland had shocked tattoo artist fellows a few days ago. Bianka Roggensack, a professional tattoo artist in Queensland was pretty shocked after knowing that she could not run her business. She could not even pay the suppliers because her bank account was suspended by the bank’s authority. She felt like being treated as a criminal and discriminated because the bank did not give warnings if her accounts would be frozen.

According to the Bank of Queensland’s spokesman, the bank had some errors back then when the policies to ban tattoo parlors were made. The tattoo artist was able to slip through the cracks, on the other hand. This was also the reason why her bank accounts were still open at least for now.


Roggensack has been a client of the bank since 2012 and was shocked when she could not pay for her bill. This was also how she found out if her accounts were suspended. According to the tattoo artist, her cards were declined and she could not log into her bank accounts or access her info.

Of course, she called someone and after went back-and-forth, she was told that this might be a branch issue. She was asked to wait until the next morning. Later in the next morning, Roggensack was told by a lass that two years ago the policy had changed.

The bank had decided to end the relationship with industries like tattoo salons. Still, according to Roggensack, the lass also said that the bank did not know how she could slip through. The bank gave her time until November 11 to transfer money into her account to a new bank.

This news was such a shock for some people no matter if it is a misunderstanding or anything. Both the bank and the client must have good communication.