Eva is a top artist from Salzburg, and here is her biography.
Artwork instead of advertising


I am Eva Schatz, I am 32 years old and I live and work in Salzburg, Austria.

After attending the fashion school in Salzburg, I studied graphic design and worked in an advertising company for about 3 years. In these years I got so passionated with the theme Tattooing, I was getting tattooed in this time by Leo, my former boss, from Naked Trust Tattoo, and really really wanted to be a tattooist.

Tricks and tips

So I quit my safe job at the advertising company, and was begging for an apprenticeship at Leo ́s Studio. I had no change. I had no job and I had to settle back to my parent ́s house – which was as a 23-year old pretty terrible, but I wanted to do everything for the tattoo-job – and then I got it.

It was a very joyful, but very hard job. I had to clean everything, everyday, and be literally the punching ball of the studio, but in exchange I got a good and wonderful base to build on. I had to tattoo in every style and that helped me a lot.

Getting thought tricks and tips from all the colleagues was a huge present for me.
My own studio

After five wonderful and tearfull years, I moved on, and opened, together with my boyfriend Bob Fizz, who also is a tattoo artist, our own shop called “MINT CLUB Tattoo Atelier.“
A private studio, because my head was so full from this daily streetshop-routine, so I wanted to work in a place, which is quiet, and where I could concentrate on my clients.

Opening a private shop is quite risky, but I never had a problem with that, cause I built up a good and solid client base, and so It was super busy, and I am very thankful for this opportunity,
to work in such a quiet and nice area, is the best thing I could wish for.

I love traveling and I love to work at Conventions around Europe.

Eva_Schatz_Mint_Club_Tattoo_19 Eva_Schatz_Mint_Club_Tattoo_10 Eva_Schatz_Mint_Club_Tattoo_15 Eva_Schatz_Mint_Club_Tattoo_14
Photo: Eva Schatz.
Pictures: Artwork created by Eva Schatz.