Artist Recruiting; Our Newest Plan To Help The Tattoo (and Body-Art) Community:

Artist Recruiting is going to be the latest new addition to our growing site. Basically this is a work in progress that we we will begin implementing from next week onward. We know how difficult it can be these days, to find good quality tattoo artists, to work in your studios, especially if you also want them to fit in with you and your studious vibe.

Because of this, we want to work on the community side of our online news bureau. This means that we will be adding a page to our site, where artists and studios can advertise themselves. Studios seeking artists can advertise there business and what they are looking for and artists can advertise themselves, what they are good at and where they might like to work.

Then in order to get out to our international audience, spanning several different countries from South America to Asia. You can buy advertisement space with us here on Mediazink, in order to find the artists or studio of your dreams, anywhere in the world.

Helping Artists to Get Together Internationally:

Of course we hope this will help out the tattoo artists (even piercers), out there in the world. To get the help they need. Because we know how difficult it can be to find quality people with lots of talent, especially that you would like to work with.

However, as a side note; we also hope that all this will help a lot of artists, get a better sense of community internationally. Being able to find and hire people from all over the world, and better get a look at them and communicate with them through us.

Hopefully you will all enjoy our new addition, we are looking forward to implementing it really soon. So keep an eye on Mediazink and an update on this new addition to the site.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram (@Mediazink_Official), for more awesome articles and other content.