ART & TATTOO – art exhibition series

My name is Maciej Michalak. My hobby and passion – tattooing and art. I run a website and @inkingz on Instagram.

“Art and Tattoo” is an initiative aimed at promoting art – paintings and drawings of tattoo artists from around the world.

Tattoo artists are wonderful people with extraordinary talent. They not only adorn the human body but also paint amazing pictures. Whenever visited a tattoo studio in Poland or Europe, I watched them work, and was stunned by the scale of their talent. Most of their original works can’t be seen outside their studios so I decided that I will show their work to a wider audience and collect the paintings and drawings at regular exhibitions in various cities. The response was impressive. In the first year I presented more than 200 works of over 30 artists from Poland and abroad in 3 cities.
The series was initiated by the exhibition, which took place in January 2016 in my hometown – Lodz, in the gallery: “Showroom 87” (conducted by Witold Zak). During the month-long exhibition there was about 1,000 visitors, who could admire more than 100 works. Yet this was just the beginning of the “Art and Tattoo” adventure.

Art and Tattoo By Kamila Burzymowska (1)
Photo by Kamila Burzymowska


The next step was the June exhibition of Kuba Kujawa during the 11th Tattoofest Convention Krakow, where with the help of Alexandra Ha³atek, were  showed 30 works of the artist from Poznan, who currently is working in the Bright Side Tattoo in Copenhagen.

The third exhibition takes place between July 22 – August 17 in Gdansk. The works are presented in the incredible gallery “Art of Choice” conducted by Magdalena Kalisz. Thanks to the support of Marcin Paczeœny (Tattoo Convention), there are collected more than 80 paintings including works by local artists – Zappa Razzi, Tuse Piotr Jaworski, Paul Dasior.

During the exhibition there is always a friendly atmosphere and I appreciate that the artist put their great trust in me by sharing their work. I encourage more and more of tattoo artists to cooperate and there are plans for another exhibitions.  Upcoming events will be held in November 2016 at the first edition of the Tattoo Convention in Lodz and during the 4th edition of the Warsaw Tattoo Convention in October 2016 (art fusion with live painting). In the 2017 I’m planning to visit other cities and organize international exhibition.

Among the artists whose works were exhibited they were: Kuba Kujawa, Peter Olejnik, Robert vein, Lukasz Kaczmarek, Maurice Szymczak, Jaroslaw Baka, Luke Balloon, Catherine Krutak, Agnieszka Trojanowska, Sebastian Jaryszek, Marcin Lukasiewicz, Slawomir Nitschke, Thomas B³aszczak, Levgen Knysh, Julia Szewczykowska, Zappa Razzi, Jarek Gorajek Natalia Holub, Michael Pisera, Luke ¯era, Dero Melancia, MM Loco, Adam Kapuscinski, Aleksandr Ivanch.

Art and Tattoo By Kamila Burzymowska (20) Art and Tattoo By Kamila Burzymowska (28)

Art and Tattoo By Kamila Burzymowska (31) Art and Tattoo By Kamila Burzymowska (32)
Photo by Kamila Burzymowska

Very important is the the presence and support of great photographers who always take and present pictures from my events – Kamila Burzymowska, Karolina Grabowska and Arkadiusz Kera Kerson.