Today with:

TEAM COOKIE AND JULES, in a good old saab… damn we loved that car.

CB 2

Car packed and ready for the swedish snowy roads

CB 3

Team cookie and jules getting the last cup of coffee before the long long trip

CB 5

Gotta have the route in order, luckily for the team, I read danish AND swedish, otherwise we would end up in russia


CB 4

Cookie and jules enjoying them selves in the rear window, looking out for all three of us

CB 6

Today´s first challenge…….eat yellow snow……..check

CB 7

even the girls have fun, gotta love the snow


CB 8

2´nd challenge of the day, get to ice skaters, one on the car, one under….bonus points for skates AND tracksuit   CHECK     and the girl on top is non other than a world and Olympic champion.


CB 9

Last stop for the day. The finish line at ‘the good neighbor’, good food and drinks all night long-

CB 10

Showing the judges pictures from today’s challenges and getting points.


CB 11

Relaxing after a looooooong day


CB 12

And now… a good nights sleep, bcoz tomorrows gonna be a long day, and the Cargaberunners LOVE IT.


Thanks to cookie and jules for a nice day.