Inked Sephora


When did you start working as a model and what is your modeling story?

I started modeling at a very young age, well before I got my first tattoos. Before I had even turned 16 years old, I was part of the Prague modeling agency. I was doing shootings and going for runway shows as a teenager and it was going very well until… I got sacked because of my new tattoos. I finished my studies after this had happened, I worked hard, traveled around the world, and then I started my own tattoo modeling agency. It was a really great project running other models & sending them across Europe to different shows to work, I enjoyed that! Now I am working as a tattoo model/host and as an operational manager in our new tattoo studio Prophecy Gallery in Exeter, UK.


What would you say to yourself and what advice would you give yourself if you could go back to the time when you started posing in front of the camera?

Always be yourself, I wouldn’t change a single thing.


How do tattoos on your body affect your career?

When I was younger it had a massive impact on modeling once I started to get tattoos. I got refused by many bookers which resulted at the end of my career with that particular modeling agency. I also missed out on some fantastic opportunities with some big brands once I started to get tattoos. I think it’s a shame because back then there was far less tolerance to tattoos in the modeling industry than there is now. I think tattoo models have a better opportunity now, as tattoos are becoming more widely acceptable & of cause, the artwork is becoming a phenomenal standard now too. But I am happy that I went through this all though as it helped shape, direct & define my career. As one door closed another, the better door opened. I am very happy to be a part of the tattoo industry. I’ve already met so many cool people as I have traveled around the world & I also met my partner in crime & love while doing all this. 


What would you call your greatest success?

Since I have been involved with the tattoo industry, I would say getting booked as a model at the Milano Tattoo Convention, Brussels Tattoo Convention, and getting sponsored are my best achievements for work 100%. But definitely, my two kids are my greatest success in life. They mean the world to me. I met their daddy at a tattoo show in Belgium actually, you may have heard of him before, Ryan “The Scientist” Smith.


Is there any photographer and model you’d like to work with very much?

Yes, of course! I plan to work with photographers like Create Instinct, UK, and would love to work with Peter Roessler and Haris Nukem, and more work with Kamila Burzymowska PL I would love to shoot with Viking Barbie, that would be a fun day! As for models I would love to do a shoot with Eric Liyah Kane, Fishball, Klaudia Kraseczka from Poland was fun to work with and it would be cool to work with her again. To be honest I don’t mind working with any of us models. It’s always different, sexy, and fun.



 What do you like most about being photographed?



What are your other hobbies except modeling and what do you like to do in your free time?

I spent all my free time with our little family and my hobbies are mostly my work as a model or managing our brand new tattoo studio in Exeter, the UK at the moment, Prophecy International Tattoo Gallery. I just love learning new skills & I’m just starting to get ready to try my hand at tattooing.


What are your biggest dreams?

Having a big family, being happy, healthy of course, succeed and soon or later become a successful tattoo artist too


What was your favorite convention you have been to and why? 

My favorite experience at a show was the London Tattoo Convention 2019 watching my man Ryan Smith win 1st place best of the show while also having our firstborn attend his first convention. That was a magical moment!