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What art form do you do? Please, describe it.

I’m bringing life to tattoos. This is digital drawing and video editing of various tattoos – in color and black and grey.

What makes your works stand out?

My works stand out for their style of video processing. I notice the most important details in the work of each artist and give them life. Perhaps in the future, such technologies will appear in the tattoo industry, but for now, I will try to do it by myself! Artists can see their tattoo works on a new side.

How did you come up with making videos of this type? 

I have always done video editing. For another 7 years, I worked as a manager of tattoo artists. Because of it, I know that now in the era of content and social media, it is not enough just to make high-quality tattoos. You have to make your content unique. That is why I create original videos for tattoo artists from all over the world.

Your works are only with tattoos but I’m wondering, are you connected to the tattoo industry on a daily basis?

Yes, I still help local artists every day with management, promotion, and content creation. I also do booking for some artists.

Are tattoo artists really interested in purchasing such videos from you? After all, it’s a great promotion, but not everyone likes to invest in advertising themselves. What is your opinion about it?

Yes. For some artists, I make videos for free, because I like to create unique content. Every day there are new and new tattoo artists who, with hard work on their skills, can leave others without work tomorrow. Now it is not enough just to be able to do a tattoo. The tattoo industry is a huge business and here you need to invest not only in equipment but also in content and advertising. As well as come up with new methods to declare yourself and show your skills to the world.


Which tattoo was the first to be “brought to life” in the video and why this one was first?

The first tattoo I made for This is the case when his style cannot be confused with anyone else. And in each work there are many interesting details, I wanted to give them life and light.

You definitely have your favorite tattoo artists. Please share with us which artists impress you the most.

Mashkow, Dave Paulo, Ad Pancho, _Kindamo

Does anyone or anything inspire you?

There is no one in particular who would inspire me. I can be inspired by the work itself, and I imagine in advance how it will look in my style. It’s like a challenge where you get something new every time. Plus, I love working with tattoos and videos, and I managed to combine that.

Is there any art form that fascinates you except premium video editing and tattoos? Maybe do you have any other passion or something that you really enjoy doing? 

Music. I have my own team with which we are working on creating music for hip-hop artists. Therefore, everything is closely intertwined with tattoo, hip-hop, video. =)

What would be your greatest professional achievement you’ve ever dreamed of?

I want to have the best team and the world’s largest art and unique content creation company. Soon you will be able to see collaborations not only with tattoo artists. I am already working on it.



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