About Enigma

If you love to enjoy an extreme performance or read an extreme performer article, you must already know The Enigma.
It can be said that The Enigma is a legendary extreme performer, especially in tattoo conventions and music festivals.
He has been an extreme performer for 20 years and the number of his fans continuously grows since then.
His performance is based on tattoo culture and circus that defines pop culture nowadays. For 20 years since his debut, The Enigma successfully changes the face of live entertainment.
His audiences say that his performance is creepy yet fun at the same time.


Just like when he performed at the first Annual Omaha Oddities and Art Expo in 2018, The Enigma shows some extreme performances in front of many audiences.
For example, he swallowed up a sword, picked up his nose with a big nail and drill, and many more.
His audiences felt creepy at that time. But his funny character and funny jokes make his performance less creepy.
The Enigma – performer and actor, is also a musician and body modifier as well. He was born as Paul Lawrence.
His transformation started on December 20th. 1992 when he tattooed his body for the first time.
Since then, he let his body tattooed by more than different 200 tattoo artists.

As it has been said before, Paul Lawrence or more known as The Enigma now, is a body modifier.
How extreme he modified his body? Well, besides a bunch of tattoos on his entire body, The Enigma also has some piercings, reshaped his ears, and implanted horns on his forehead.
In addition, he also has puzzle tattoos that cover him from head to toe. And it is one of his most famous body modifying that he has done.
As a sideshow performer, The Enigma is a founder of Jim Rose Circus.
He then had a tour with Katzen to play music and perform sideshow performances. The group then is named Human Marvels.

His performances often involve extreme and dangerous tools, such as a drill, electric saw, fire, sword, blade, and many more.
If you love to watch such a performance, you will probably love the performances showed by Paul Lawrence.
This extreme performer also made an appearance in some programs such as The X-Files, The Firecracker movie, and so on.
He even appeared in a music video of Billy Talent for Fallen Leaves.
It’s not surprising that he is called a legend.